3 Ways to Recycle Plastic Bags

Recycle of Plastic Bags

Plastic bags are our close friends with benefits! We get to bond with them and, at the same time, take advantage of their roles. Just like humans, they are scattered in different corners waiting for individuals to extract their benefits.

They can be the unhealthiest option, though if handled irresponsibly. Wanna show that you care about mother nature? Well, good news for you as we got three ways to recycle plastic bags that are a massive bummer in your house cabinets!


A body of water

Make your personalized pom poms that children can use for their performance, whether in school or at parties.

● Get two plastic bags, unroll and lay it flat.

● Unfold once and lay it flat.

● Put one more top plastic bag.

● Cutting up one corner and cutting off the bottom and the sides

● Half of the middle of the bags and cut.

● Pile a pair of pieces of the rectangle.

● Put your hand in the middle and mark your grip as complete as possible.

● From your grip, cut strips to the fold.

● Assemble the plastic bag in the middle and put together the center.

● Pull-apart each strip.

● Down strips, until they look fuzzy enough.


Using plastic bags as fillers for your pillow is a way to comfort yourself with its texture and a convenient way to make a quick pillow when in need.

● Put them out to the middle and stitch them with a seam of 1/2 inch (or so). To keep the hold better, it can be smart to sew a pinion in your hem.

● Now you’ll pin and stitch each other’s arms.

● After that, pin and sew the other position to the top of your small box you have about 7 inches to quit.

● Then you can turn it correct, put it on and apply your velcro or whatever you want to repair.

● Pin the opening back up and down, to make your opening & sewing edge done.

● You can place velcro sticky on the back, like a stamp, inside so you won’t have to pin it in.

● Sew in, but maybe you want thread to mix with the fabric, so it doesn’t stand out.

You are now able to turn right and fill up! I used a Walmart bag and cotton filler combination. I used the quantities below for this scale, but frankly I’ll probably add more sacks to fluff myself a little more.


You could also recycle plastic bags as kites for children to play outdoors without putting effort into spending money.

● Assemble the kite frame.

● Trim out the sheet for your plastic bag kite.

● Attach the kite sail to the outline.

● Connect the fly line.

● Add the kite tail with a ribbon.

These are the few things that you need to benefit from more recycling your plastic bags at home. What, then, are you waiting for? Get and recycle your plastic bags. Love thy nature!

Find a place and start flying your new recycled plastic bags kite. You should spend a while airborne, be patient, and have fun when you’re a beginner kite flyer. Play the weight with the addition of different ribbons and tails to the kite.

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