Benefits of Organic Garden Compost

organic garden compost

If you are trying to make your own compost at home, you will find it easier using compost made from a mix of kitchen scraps like eggshells and coffee grounds, and animal waste like manure and blood. It sounds easier, but there is a lot of work involved. It’s best to have everything ready before you start digging. There are many different types of compost, but we will concentrate on the most popular type: Grow-Share Compost.

If you have not used an organic garden compost before, you might be wondering what this is. Simply put, it is a mixture of material that comes from plants and animals (raw food waste). It consists of decomposed material that would otherwise sit in your soil, and possibly attract termites. It also contains humic acid, which is helpful to our gardens because it helps the soil retain moisture. Topsoil, on the other hand, is the topmost layer of the soil, and this is generally rich in nutrients.

Vegetable And Flower Garden Composts

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The most popular types of compost for the garden are vegetable and flower garden composts. They work well for gardeners who have smaller gardens. These types contain copious amounts of organic matter and are great for the vegetable gardens in the kitchen. Other gardeners like to mix topsoil with compost to create worm compost. This is the most effective way to recycle organic matter into the garden. Worm compost is ideal for gardens that produce organic waste and is also beneficial to the worms that help break it down.

There are also mulches that contain organic matter in them. These can be very helpful when used around a vegetable garden. They make it easier for farmers to fertilize their plots of land since the fertilizer will be readily available. In addition, these mulches retain moisture well and keep the temperature of the soil perfect for growing plants. Mulching also helps control weeds and keeps the soil fresh and free of harmful insects.

Compost Made From Kitchen Waste

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There is also another type of compost made from kitchen waste. This type of garden compost is not as beneficial or abundant as the types that you make from topsoil and compost. However, you can still use this in your garden if you are careful about where you buy it from. Since this is made from raw food scraps, it may contain some scraps that are harmful to humans such as insects and bacteria. To ensure that you won’t ingest any harmful elements, purchase it from a reputable company.

There are also different kinds of fertilizers made from organic matter. These include liquid compost, granular compost, and dry compost. These are all available in your local garden supply store. All have their own distinct qualities. For example, liquid and granular composts are both very rich in nutrients while dry compost is not. Each of them should be applied according to your gardening needs.

Organic Garden Compost

Organic garden compost can either be bought from a nearby store or online. You may also be able to find organic garden compost at a feed store. The easiest way to make garden compost is by creating your own compost using kitchen scraps. It is really an easy task that even you can do with your kids.

Wrapping Up

Compost makers are now widely available and are quite affordable. This is great news for many gardeners who are looking for ways to help conserve our natural resources while gardening in their own backyard. If you’re not sure how to start composting in your garden, why not speak with a local gardener who can help you out?

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