Benefits Of Using Commercial Compost Bins

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There are two methods that people use when they want to turn their waste material into a nutrient-rich fertilizer. One method uses a large tumbler that has a screen top, and another uses a small compost bin that has a layer of gravel on top.

There are advantages and disadvantages to each of these methods, but it comes down to your composting needs and your available space. Using a large compost bin or tumbler is by far the easiest option because you can simply dump all of your organic material into it and let it break down naturally. However, this option also means that you will need to frequently add water which can be a hassle if you have a lot of organic material to process. Also, with a large compost bucket or a tumbler, you cannot go below ground level which is inconvenient for worm breeding and aeration. Smaller compost bins, however, are easier to move around and are great for turning waste to compost in the garden.

A Bit Of A Pain To Assemble And Take Apart

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A large compost bin or tumbler is also a bit of a pain to assemble and take apart. Some buyers prefer to assemble them themselves to save some frustration, but most buyers find that the assembly process is not difficult at all and does not take long. The reason that some people do not find it as difficult to assemble a compost composter is that some of the newer models have a snap-on lid that makes the process a lot easier. This lid fits right on the top of the computer and allows the users to easily move the compost in and out of the container. Some snap-on lids even have built-in light systems so that the buyers can read what is going on inside the compost bin.

Gardeners also have the option of purchasing specially designed compost bins for their gardens. These compost bins are made of sturdy plastic and are easy to transport from one area to another, either across the lawn or across the yard to the plants. Most gardeners choose these bins because they allow aeration so that the soil has air circulating underneath it. Aeration helps to break down the organic matter that is in the soil so that it can be used for gardening.

Geobin Composting Instead Of Standard Compost Piles

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For some gardeners, they prefer to use geobin composting instead of standard compost piles. This method of turning waste into compost is very popular and there are a number of reasons why gardeners choose this process. One of the main reasons that these gardeners choose this method of composting is because the process is fairly quick. This means that the gardener does not have to wait for the pile to heat up as it would with standard compost piles. The gardener can get the compost ready much faster and actually start composting before the pile heats up.

Another reason why this type of pile is preferred by some gardeners is because it is a natural process. A wiggle worm starts the decomposition process of organic matter in the soil. When the worm locates the organic matter it picks it up with its mouth and starts to digest it. It then dumps the material into the compost bin so that it decomposes even faster. Since the worms live in the soil, they do not introduce any of the poisons or chemicals that are normally found in commercial composting piles. They simply help to make the soil better for plants and the overall environment.

They Have An Aeration System

Another reason why these types of compost bins are more preferred by some buyers is because they have an aeration system. When you add aeration to the soil, it helps to make the pile more oxygenated. This means that it is easier for the worms to decompose because they have an environment in which they can thrive.

A fully aerated compost bin will have holes in the sides and the upper portion will have air circulating underneath it. This means that the temperature in the bin will be much warmer than other composts made without aeration.


The third advantage for these types of compost bins is that they are easy to make. Unlike a traditional compost tumbler design, you only need a quart of earth and about three quarters of one cup of bone meal at a time. After adding the earth and bone meal, you simply add water and bring the contents to a boil. Once the contents are completely cooked, you simply need to add the compost to your garden and enjoy the benefits of having a great compost.

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