Benefits of worm compost tea for your plants

benefits of worm compost tea

Worm compost tea can easily be made and is a super food for your plants. It’s numerous benefits make them a must have for a lot of organic gardeners

This natural liquid fertilizer is made from steeping worm manure in water. The nutrients in the worm manure are extracted in the water resulting in worm compost tea which can be further used to water and provide nourishment to the plants.

Nutrients in worm compost tea

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Worm compost tea can provide impressive results to your plants. This is because worm compost tea has a higher percentage of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium content in them compared to other worm composts. They provide better results in comparison to other synthetic fertilizers. 

Benefits of worm compost tea:

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Worm compost tea is also known as vermicompost, and is very effective in improving the biodiversity of the soil. This helps the plants to grow more rapidly. This is because of the increased production of plant growth regulating hormones and enzymes. It also minimizes the pathogens and nematodes thus increasing the plant health. 

It’s multiple benefits are:

  • Provides the soil with essential and beneficial microbes. 
  • Prevents numerous diseases in the plants as well as the soil. It also prevents pests. 
  • Helps to reverse any disease caused 
  • Helps in restoring the soil full of pollutants
  • Helps in improving the texture of the soil by increasing its aeration for more porosity
  • Increases the water holding capacity of the soil
  • Promotes more foliage
  • Helps in providing more yield by the plants

How often do you use worm tea? 

You should overdo it as it can cause more damage than providing the benefits. To get the proper benefits of the worm compost tea, use this only once every two weeks for most plants. For fruits and vegetables use this once a week. You can use this more frequently on your plants if they have any disease or show retarted growth. 

Application of Worm Tea

You can use worm compost tea to water the soil. You can also use it in a spray bottle to spray directly on the plants. 

How long does worm compost tea last? 

Worm compost tea has living microbes in it and therefore it cannot be stored for long. In very cold temperatures it can last for 3 days after which the microbes population starts decreasing. In warm temperatures, it can be kept for 24-48 hours only. Store the worm compost tea in a shady and cool area and not under the sun. 

Plants benefiting from worm compost tea

Worm compost tea can be used in all types of plants. It is all natural, organic and extremely safe to use with multiple benefits. It can be used on flower beds, vegetable gardens, raised beds, potted plants, shrubs and trees. It also makes the grass greener. It can also be used in your compost pile to make the decomposition effect faster. 

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