Choosing Between Decorative and Non-Directional Pots

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Plastic flower pots do get broken, which is why most gardeners don’t really want to spend too much on them to replace them. Gardeners on a tight budget generally like plastic pots, since they’re cheap. Many of them can be purchased for less than one metal or terra cotta pot. But plastic isn’t the only polymer used in pots; clay, fiberglass, and even plastic are all used. If you’re looking for something durable and relatively inexpensive, plastic is a great choice. And if your plastic pot breaks, it’s probably not too likely to break into pieces that could be extremely dangerous.

Decorative and Non-Directional Pots

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But plastic flower pots are known to have problems even when they’re used in ideal conditions. If the drainage holes are cut too small, water can soak right through the bottom of the pot, resulting in your flower bed being damp and cozy rather than dry and safe. If the hole isn’t cut all the way through, water may be able to drain through the side of the pot, causing a root rot crisis. Even just a tiny hole can cause water to seep under the planter and out through the drainage holes. If your area is prone to extreme weather, you should consider clay or fiberglass planters, as their drainage holes are larger, and they’re typically made of a fire-resistant material.

If your area has a lot of rainfall, you may find that plastic flower pots won’t withstand the pressure. In fact, some models may crack after years of heavy use. If your plantings are on the lean side, or if you live in an area with drought or low rainfall, you might consider a clay planter instead. Clay planters are durable, lightweight, and easy to clean, and they don’t require any drainage holes.

If you’re looking to jazz up your plastic flower pots without changing the container, consider spray painting them. While this is not technically “plant pot painting”, it can look surprisingly good. Spray paints are available in numerous colors, from cool colors like blues, greens, and yellows to warmer colors like reds, oranges, and browns. You can also get spray paints that have special effects like stripes, stencils, and flecks. There are even paint formulations with designs that you can apply to your pots, as well as ones that are designed specifically for certain plants. If you prefer natural looking pots but you don’t want to mess with spray paints, opt for a water-based pot primer and then a spray paint.

While flower pots made of plastic come in a variety of shapes, there’s one problem that tends to be especially problematic – size. Most plastic flower pots are very small, which makes them inconvenient for people who don’t have a lot of garden space. You may even have trouble getting one to fit into a narrow spot or a narrow window. Fortunately, many plastic pot manufacturers have answered the dilemma by making their pots adjustable, and today’s models offer a wide array of designs so that they can fit into virtually any spot.

For gardeners with a larger area to work with, there are other options beyond plastic flower pots. One of the most popular choices for gardeners with more space to work with is wooden garden furniture. Wooden garden furniture is by no means cheap, though, so some gardeners may shy away from it because of this. However, wood is also incredibly durable, and it provides a pleasing look to your garden at the same time. In addition to wooden garden furniture, there are also various types of metal garden furniture available, and while these may not be particularly attractive in your garden, they’re definitely strong enough to handle the rigors of frequent use.

Terra cotta and rock are two other common materials used for garden furniture. While both of these materials can be used successfully in traditional wooden garden furniture, they have distinct advantages over plastic flower pots. For example, terra cotta is highly durable and will survive many years of frequent use. On the other hand, plastic is not nearly as durable, and it will begin to show signs of aging much sooner than a good quality terra cotta plant pot.

End Note

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Because some plastic flower pots have beautiful designs on them, they can be decorated in a variety of ways. Unfortunately, though, painted pots are not all well painted. If you would like to decorate your flower bed with a beautiful design, then you might consider carefully choosing the design of your painted pot, and then carefully applying it to the inside of your flower bed. Once you’ve got it properly installed, you’ll find that your flowering plants will be even more gorgeous to look at than they were when you first brought them home!

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