Compost Storage Tips You Need To Know -

Compost Storage Tips You Need To Know

Compost Storing Tips For Later Use

Do you know something about the compost storage Fertilizers and composts need proper storage to retain their nutritional value. Gardening is an art that requires thorough knowledge, and being able to make quality compost and storing the excess for later use is essential. One must hone this skill to be a good gardener. However, not many are diligent about this little detail in gardening, which often leads to wastage of quality fertilizer, effort, and time. Moreover, wasted fertilizer is not the right choice for your plants either, and hence, we have shared some valuable tips on how to use the compost correctly and then store it well for using it in the long run.

Compost Storing Tips For Later Use
Compost Storage Tips You Need To Know

Fantastic Ways To Store Compost

The following are a few practical and useful tips to store compost or organic fertilizer properly so that they are usable later. It is vital to take necessary care and precautions so that they do not become toxic to your plants.

Compost Storing Tips – Plastic Bags

You can easily make bags of compost by converting plastic bags into storage pouches for the compost. Make a few holes for aeration on a regular garbage bag and store the compost in them and make sure it’s sealed shut. Keep the holes small enough so that the compost does not leak through them. You can do the same thing with fabric shopping bags that you were planning to throw out. They are not only recycled but also your compost gets safe storage.

Compost Storing Tips – Solid Shelter

The primary reason for compost going bad is heavy rainfall and washing away from the compost pile. Making a stable shelter to store the fertilizer is a solution to this problem. Compost tends to go rancid more during the winters as there is not bacterial activity at the edges of the pile. Hence, using such reliable storage is going to be very helpful to keep the collection significantly warmer.

Make A Larger Pile

As the bacterial generation becomes more rapid inside the collection, and the decomposition takes place, heat gets generated. This keeps the bacteria and microorganisms thriving. Hence, when you have a more massive pile and a rapid reaction is going on at its center, it will stay good for a more extended period even if the other edges of the heap do not experience such activity.

Storing Compost Tea

This is the most convenient type of fertilizer to store. Compost tea storage is possible in any sealed container for four to five days. For more extended storage or shelf life, add an aquarium pump or bulbar stone to the box to provide better aeration.

Compost Storing Tips For Later Use
Compost Storage Tips You Need To Know

Bags of compost stored away during the winter can be a boon in the springs to make your garden thrive again. Hence, make sure you store it correctly to make optimum use of it when necessary.

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