Food Waste: Reasons And Steps to Prevent It -

Food Waste: Reasons And Steps to Prevent It

Food Waste: Reasons And Steps to Prevent It

Throwing away food is like stealing from the table of those who are poor and hungry” -Pope Francis

Food wastage is the amount of food that is lost, wasted, or uneaten. Food waste has become a very serious concern globally. Around one-third of the world waste their food daily. And if you consider that 10% of the globe is under poverty. Yes, it’s the food that you are snatching from the poor. Climate change is affecting a lot of food production. More than 821 million people do not have food to eat. Uneaten food is using more than 30% of the agricultural land. Apart from these things, food wastage causes so many environmental harms. If food wastage were a country, it would get rank three for producing carbon dioxide. 

Food Waste: Reasons And Steps to Prevent It
Food Waste: Reasons And Steps to Prevent It

Reasons for the Food Waste

  1. Farmers sometimes do not pay attention to the crops, which may result in lousy production. Sometimes losses due to the poor harvesting of the plants. Many times, animals harm the vegetables, which end up in a waste of the overall output.
  2. After that, farmers transport the crops to the distributors. Sometimes in the transportation food loss is occurred. Many times, the lack of infrastructure becomes the reason for the food wastage.
  3. In some factories, food gets wasted in processing. 
  4. The main reason is the consumer. The attitude of the people, more supply of the food, the gap between desired taste and actual taste are the main reason for the food wastage from the consumer point of view.

There are many organizations like the United Nations and the European Union, which are taking steps to reduce food wastage and help poor people and the environment. 

Food Waste: Reasons And Steps to Prevent It
Food Waste: Reasons And Steps to Prevent It

Steps to be Taken for Reducing the Food Waste

  1. Everyone should only buy the main necessities and not everything they see.
  2. You should save uneaten food for poor people rather than putting that into the trash. You should keep that wasted food for making the compost.
  3. The distributor should always buy food as per the demand and the capacity of the storage. Otherwise, the distributors are harming the environment and economy.
  4. Farmers should always take care of their farms. They should implement new technology and new machines to reduce food waste.
  5. The government is taking many initiatives to encourage the reduction of food waste. People should be aware of those kinds of actions.

Apart from this, there are endless steps to reduce food wastage. Everyone should understand the 3R’s (Reuse, Reduce, and Recycle) for the betterment of the environment. It will also help to save money. By thinking about food waste from your house, you can conserve food for the positive efforts towards the reduction of food waste. Every single effort will result in a significant change in the nearby future. 


Food waste is an essential requirement to save the environment. A lot of people are affected by a shortage of food. Protecting the food leads towards protecting the Earth and the Environment

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