Garden Compost Bins – Reduces Your Organic Waste By One-Third

garden compost bin

What type of garden compost bin should you choose? There are two basic choices for your garden composting bin, compost bins that need aeration or those that do not. Which one is right for you will depend on your gardening needs and your available space. Garden compost bins can be used to compost organic matter from your garden or farm.

Different Options For Garden Compost Bins

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You have a few different options if you need a composting garden compost bin. Your first option is an Aeration Compost Bins or Bark & Threshing Bins as they are also known. These are the most popular garden compost bins on the market because they use a slow-release air pump to aerate the contents. They work because when you put dry garden wastes in the bins, the moisture draws in the oxygen needed to decompose the waste. The slow release process ensures that the contents stay moist until it is time to decompose.

Your second option is a Kitchen Scraps Bin or Mulching Bin. This type of garden compost bin is designed to collect kitchen scraps and yard waste. Kitchen scraps (also called brown bags) are the result of your daily meals; brown bags go through the bin with everything else and come out clean. Mulching compost bins work more like a compost bin than a kitchen scraps bin, because the material comes out the side of the bin, ready to be crumbled.

Your garden compost bin can come with a lid or no lid. Some computer lids are meant to be placed over the top of the bin, but other lids are designed to go over the top as well. The lid of your computer determines the temperature of the inside of the bin, so it’s important to buy a good lid. Lids with detachable roofs are popular because you can clean the roof and the interior of your computer without taking the lid off.

Consider Some Factors While Using Compost Bins

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You will also need to consider whether you want a plastic garden compost bin or one made of metal. Plastic compost bins tend to be lighter than metal ones, which makes them easier to move. But they can be easily punctured if you’re not careful. They also don’t hold very much composting material, so you might find that you have to make more compost than you thought if you put too much in. And plastic is not very good for the environment; it’s not environmentally friendly and doesn’t decompose quickly.

Another consideration is what kind of climate you have in your area. You will have a better chance of getting a good garden compost bin if you live in an area with a lot of sunlight and moisture. These conditions can make your garden soil stay moist longer, which will allow your garden waste to decompose faster. If you live in an area where these conditions aren’t present, or where it is nearly impossible to get sunlight, then you will want to choose other garden compost bins.

How To Purchase Right One

In most cases, it’s a good idea to purchase your garden compost bins already built. This way you won’t have to worry about building it from scratch. But you will have to consider what kind of machine you would like to use to decompose your organic waste. Most people choose a rotary vacuum, since it’s the easiest to use. However, there are also household vacuum systems that compost organic waste. If you’re interested in making your own compost, look into all of your options before making a final decision.


Garden compost bins make great kitchen scraps. You can either put the kitchen scraps directly into the bin or put the kitchen scraps in a separate container and add a layer of soil on top of the soil. Either way, you’ll be able to decompose your food scraps quickly, right in your own backyard. Just remember to make sure you turn the soil regularly to keep it compost-worthy. You’ll also find that using garden compost bins is more affordable than buying commercial compost bins.

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