Important Tips In Making Compost

making compost for garden

Composting will help you with your organic waste problem. If you don’t compost, then you have a lot of yard waste lying around that has not even been used. This can lead to lots of garbage in your landfills, and this can be very bad for the air. Making your own compost solves this problem.

You can easily make your own compost by getting a compost bin or an easy-to-use compost tumbler. See how simple it is to do this! You just mix the material with the soil and throw it in! Some people like to add vegetable scraps first, while others like to see all the food they consume go into their compost heap. That’s how simple it is!

Make Compost In Your Own Garden

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You can make compost in your own garden. The first step is to clean out all the garbage cans in your house. Once you’ve emptied them, see how much organic waste you can get rid of. Then, go out and start collecting the organic waste materials, like vegetable peels and eggshells, leaves, straw, grass clippings, etc… You might want to collect them in a bag or container for later use.

After getting all the materials you need, you can now start making the compost pile. The pile you make must be at least three feet high and eight feet long. In addition, you need to have tumblers with holes in them. Make sure that your compost pile is kept dry. You can use newspaper to fill up the tumblers and place them inside the compost bin.

Use Your Hands In Moving The Compost

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Place your compost pile in your garden. But do keep in mind that you should not put any plastic bags into your pile. All the valuable materials will easily be eaten by the gardener bugs in the nearby garden. In addition, it’s not very nice to see a messy pile in your garden.

When the time comes to start your compost pile right, you should use a fork to move it. See that you don’t damage the materials as you do it. In addition, use your hands in moving the compost in and out of the pile. You don’t have to force the compost in, but you do have to move it in and out in a systematic fashion.

Move The Compost Slowly And Carefully

You should move the compost slowly and carefully. This way, you will make sure that no harmful organisms or insects will be eating your organic materials before you start using them in your own garden. You can also compost in the autumn, after the leaves have fallen off the trees in your garden. The compost will be useful for the garden as it is still full of nutrients even if there are no plants around. So make sure that you put a proper effort into making compost for your garden.

After you are done with making the compost, the next step is to remove the compost from its place. You can either use a shovel or a pressure washer to get rid of the materials. After you have removed the compost pile from its place, you should rinse the materials that you used. You should also check for any mold or mildew that might have formed on the materials that you used in the compost pile.

Reuse The Materials That You Have Used

Now that the compost is rinsed, you can reuse the materials that you have used. It is important that you let these materials dry thoroughly. The air that they need to breathe should be allowed to come out of the materials so that they won’t smell odorous. Some people even place their compost in their garages. This way, they can store the organic materials for later use.

When you are done with making compost, you should cover the materials that you have used with plastic bags. If there are any insects present in your garden, you should consider applying an insecticide to the compost pile as well. All the insects should be killed before you place them back in the compost pile. These are some of the ways that you can follow in order to have a clean compost pile.


It is important that you make use of the ideas mentioned above in order to keep your garden and plants healthy. If you follow these tips, you will be able to compost all the materials that you have. If you have been wondering how to make compost, this should answer your question.

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