Kitchen Compost Bin – The Ultimate Guide

Garden Compost is Essential For Environment

If gardening is your hobby and you want to make a thriving and beautiful garden, using the best fertilizers and quality plant and seeds is vital. You can opt for organic fertilizers like compost and can make your own at home. Organic fertilizers are so versatile that they can be made from your kitchen waste and does not always require ample space. For homeowners who enjoy gardening but have limited space and have to keep their hobby limited to potted plants, the kitchen compost bin is the ultimate solution. It is a dustbin, and compost container blended.

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Kitchen Compost Bin – The Ultimate Guide

Tips To Use The Kitchen Compost Bin

There are different ways in which the kitchen compost bin is useful. If you use it properly, nearly 60 percent of your domestic waste can be recycled and converted into compost.

Kitchen Compost Bin – Choose A Dishwasher Friendly Bin

Make sure the compost bin you have chosen is washable in the dishwasher. When you frequently use the container for making compost, you will need to clean it too. A wider design can go into the dishwasher and wash in it. Not cleaning the compost bin frequently can lead to foul odor and even germ infestation around the house.

Kitchen Compost Bin – What To Put In?

Even though the kitchen compost bin is very versatile, one must be careful regarding what they put into the container as that will influence the quality of the compost. All kinds of organic and food waste are decomposable in this bin. However, avoid throwing pet droppings in the compost bin. Also, 50 percent of the materials put into the container should be green waste and food scraps. This means remains of leafy vegetables, eggshells, tea bags, fruit peels, and moldy bread are some of the items that can go into the compost bin. On the other hand, meat, fat, bones, and dairy products are not suitable for composting. They lead to a foul smell and attract rodents and maggots, which are not suitable for making quality compost. It is easy to make, provided you use the right ingredients and give appropriate time.

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Kitchen Compost Bin – The Ultimate Guide

Air It Frequently

Keeping the bin filled and in your kitchen for weeks can make your home stench. So, it is best to take the container outdoors from time to time. Choose a tray that is proportionate to the amount of compost you will need weekly so that none of it gets wasted. Every week, take the container outdoors and empty the residue and clean it so that your home does not stink. Make this a habit so that you do not forget to take out the bin.

The kitchen compost bin is a quick solution to make the most of your kitchen waste. When you do not have enough space to make any other type of organic fertilizer, this is the best choice you have. Moreover, this is a natural compost without the use of any chemicals and harmful pesticides. The products grown on it are completely natural and good for health.

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