List Of Various Plastics By Their Recycle Code

list of plastics by recycle code

Plastic has taken over everything we use, and you can easily find ten things around you make up of plastic. Plastic is used everywhere, whether it is a gadget, utensil, covers, jeans, table, chair, etc. Due to the excessive use of plastic, we can see much garbage on streets, oceans, beaches, and mountains. According to a survey held in 2016, 32% of plastic which humans use is disposed of in oceans every year, which is making aquatic life miserable. Therefore, some plastic can be recycled, but 90% of plastic has not been recycled, according to some stats. Therefore, plastic products have recycled symbols, but some are different, which is sometimes confusing. You can see a symbol having three chasing arrows and a number inside, which tells you about the type of plastic; it does not mean that product can be recycled. Let us read out and find the list of various plastics by their recycle code.

PET OR PETE’ 1′ Plastic Recycling Symbol

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PET or PETE is present in common products like bottles, beverages, carry bags, and other products. This plastic is cheap and light, so it can easily be recycled. This plastic is widely used plastic due to basic reasons as price, availability, and physical properties. Even it can be easily recycled, but still, only 20% is recycled. If you want them to be recycled, remove the cap, as the bottle’s cap is made up of different plastic. You can recycle this plastic to various things like fiber tote bags, carpet, furniture, bottle, and other food containers.

HDPE’ 2′ Plastic Recycling Symbol

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As you should know, HDPE means high-density polyethylene is also a very good plastic, so it is widely used for the packaging of products. It is already a recycled product so so there is no harm from leaching. This type of plastic is present in juice bottles, jugs, motor oil bottles, yogurt and ice cream tubs, and other shampoo bottles. This type of plastic can be recycled into detergent bottles, pens, chairs, tables, pipes, and other hard plastic products.

PVC Or V’ 3′ Plastic Recycle Code

You may know that PVC means polyvinyl chloride, as it is durable and tough plastic. Due to its properties, this plastic is recommended for plastic pipes and siding, as it is cheaper and better than metal. This plastic is also used for the packaging of products that needs better packaging. You should know that PVC has chlorine, which releases toxins while manufacturing, so it is highly recommended not to burn the PVC, as it will release harmful chemicals. PVC can be recycled into desk, paneling, flooring, strong cables, mat, and mud flaps. It is really hard to recycle plastic, but some plastic lumber does recycle it.

Concluding Line

The use of plastic has led to various environmental problems, so we must recycle or reuse plastic as much as we can. Make sure you use the plastic effectively, without any harm, as the future is in our hands.

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