Throwing Light On The Pros & Cons Of Recycle Of Plastic bags

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Even after plastic bags have been banned many times, they have not been completely taken out of the market. In such a situation, you can guess the damage caused by them yourself, and the shocking thing is that most plastic bags are used in India all over the world. Recycling of plastic bags has both merits and demerits.So, let’s have a look at them separately.

Disadvantages Of Plastic Bags

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Great threat to the environment: – Plastic bags are contaminating the land, air, and water. The availability of plastic bags in the ground is destroying the fertility of the land, and the plastic bags mixed in the water are making the underground water contaminated and poisonous. Not only this, but the poisonous gases released by burning plastic bags have also polluted and poisoned the air.

Plastics are non-biodegradable: – Plastic bags are non-biodegradable, i.e., they do not decompose naturally and take about 1000 years to dissolve and take a long time to dissolve. In such a situation, you will also be able to understand how much damage is done to the environment.

Death of animals: – Animals are also not saved from the damage caused by plastic bags. Many animals die due to swallowing plastic bags along with food items. Apart from cows, many animals such as dolphins, whales, and turtles are killed by plastic bags.

Plastic bags are more dangerous than nuclear bombs for generations to come – In 2012, the Supreme Court had expressed concern that for the coming generations, the effects of plastic bags will prove to be even more dangerous than any nuclear bomb. Overuse of these plastic bags is ruining our rivers and ponds.

Advantages Of Plastic Bags: –

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Plastic bags are used to hold every small and big item. Plastic bags have been the first choice of all types of traders and customers, which are lighter and cheaper as well as stronger.

1 . Protection of goods.

2 . Spoilage prevention

3. Use of goods for years.

4. Durable, waterproof, lightweight.

5 . Easy to be molded into different shapes.

6 . It Is a good insulator.

Conclusion On Recycle Plastic Bags

That’s all folks! By this, you can understand that the advantages of plastic are less and more harmful. It is a moving poison for mankind. In this way, we can say that plastic bags have become a serious threat to our environment as well as our health, and now it is the time when we have to stop their use. Apart from this, we can use some simple measures like cloth bags instead of plastic bags to buy goods from the market, so that we can make our valuable contribution to the cleanliness of the environment in the coming time.

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