Top 6 Kitchen Compost Items

Top 6 Kitchen Compost Items For Composting

Compost comprises raw materials that originate from organic waste. These may be organic disposables or green disposables that come from your kitchen and garden. On the other hand, food residuals and yard trimmings constitute a reliable waste stream of about 20-30% in America. There are tons of waste products that go into the landfill. However, kitchen compost items can be made as environmentally friendly and beneficial. This guide allows you to know how to use composting supplies and bins effectively that are found in your house or kitchen.

Top 6 Kitchen Compost Items For Composting
Top 6 Kitchen Compost Items

Kitchen Compost Items

One of the traditional practices of green living is composting kitchen scraps. To make your garden and home happy and healthy, collect these kitchen waste items now-

Paper Towel Rolls

To get protection from pests like slugs, you need to trim paper towel rolls down to 2.5 inches high. It is then pressed right into the soil around the seedlings. It can also be treated as a small planter pot so as to grow a plant from seed.

Crushed Egg Shells- Topmost Kitchen Compost Items

Crushed eggshells make a great addition to the kitchen compost. For example, vermicompost includes eggshells to reproduce worms. It adds aerated soil and calcium that help grow tomatoes.

Used Coffee Grounds Used As Kitchen Compost Items

Coffee grounds are also a good idea when it comes to adding to the compost. It helps in making a good mulch and can be scattered around soil beautifully. They offer nitrogen that is great for veggies, especially peppers and tomatoes.

Nut Shells- Mostly Found Kitchen Compost Items

Most nutshells, such as pistachios, peanuts, and sunflower seeds, can be used to aerate the soil. Before you add it to the ground, ensure they are washed correctly.

Hollowed Citrus Shell

Try using squeezed or hollowed halved citrus fruits in the garden to entice slugs, and snails. Snails and slugs attract to the citrus and work best.

Top 6 Kitchen Compost Items For Composting
Top 6 Kitchen Compost Items

Kitchen Compost Items- Hot Peppers

Try using waste from peppers like it’s top and seeds for controlling a pest. For example, blend the waste and strain it, next, mix some water and fill it in a spray bottle. Now, it is ready to use on the pest that spoils plants. Also, the leftover pulp of pepper needs to be added to your compost.

How To Make Compost From Kitchen Compost Items?

When it comes to making compost, a variety of ingredients goes into the pile. The parts needed are non-animal scraps, manure, brush trimmings, leaves, old wine, dryer lint, and spices. Also, you can shred receipts, paper bags, and newspapers. Soak tissue, cotton balls, and paper toweling with kerosene, bacon fat, and other stuff. You can use towels, sheets, and clothes from natural fabrics. Avoid using blackberry and raspberry brambles and big branches.

Other Compost Items

Grass trimming is the right compost ingredients. It results in dark, crumbly, helpful, and humus-rich compost. Into the bin or soil, mix the ingredients before adding to the pile. Now, spread it over the grass in the garden. Also, insert sticks, wood chips, sawdust, and pine needles to the compost. It tends to form anaerobic and dense clumps that resist composting, so sprinkle sawdust in thin layers over the compost heap.

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