UNEP Index 2021 On Food Waste By Country

food waste by country

How much food do you waste each day? The amount could be less for you, but the amount of food waste by each country is in tone. Globally, it is 931 million tonnes according to the report of UNEP 2021. It says most of the waste comes from the households of powerful countries. Here’s the list of top countries on the food waste index 2021.

List Of Food Waste By Country Index 2021

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1.           China- According to the UNEP report’s China waste around 91.6 million tonnes of food that is approximately 64 kg per capita every year.

2.           India- The second country from Asia, India records 68.8 million tons of food waste, and its per capita waste is 50 kg.

3.           United States-  Around 19.3 million tons get wasted by one of the powerful countries of the world. This accounts for 59 kg of waste per capita income.

4.           Japan- Less than these top three countries, but Japan wastes more kg/capita income, i.e., 64 kg.

5.           Germany- Fifth in the list of food waste by country is Germany that disposes of 6 million tons. But, the waste per capita is higher than all four, i.e., 75 kg.

6.           France- the European country wastes 85 kg per capita of food, which accounts for 5 million tons approx.

7.           Australia- Although the food wastes by country are less than all the six in the list of UNEP, Australia’s per capita waste is highest of all for each year, i.e., 102 kg.

These countries are making a high amount of waste besides plastic which is harmful to the environment. Here’s how food waste by country affects the global environment.

Effect Of Food Waste On Environment

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Increase Greenhouse Gases-

A greenhouse gas is produced by food waste. Therefore, the more is food wastage; the more is greenhouse emissions. In other words, it adds Chlorofluorocarbon, CO2, and more methane to the atmosphere. As a result, global warming increases.

Food Waste Is Water Waster-

Another effect of food waste is the wastage of water resources. How? An enormous amount of water is used to produce food; this can be understood by the fact that 70 percent of water goes to agriculture usage.

To be more specific, understand this by example- one kg of beef waste is equal to 50,000 liters of water. So food waste is water waste as well.

Oil Waste

This might seem non-relatable, but wasting food is wasting oil and fossil fuels. It is because too much of oil, machinery, transportation, and warehouse is used to produce that much food.

Land waste

The agricultural land used to produce that amount of food gets wasted when you throw food. But it is a double loss as to dispose of the food waste by country, an equal amount of land is used.

Thus, food waste is a complete loss for humans and the environment. And to minimize it, waste should be reduced at every stage, mostly in the household. So, make use of all grocery items within the usable limit rather than throwing them and consume only the required amount.

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