Vermicompost 101: 3 Best And Effective Uses -

Vermicompost 101: 3 Best And Effective Uses

Vermicompost - 3 Best Tips For Effective Uses

Vermicompost is the method of using earthworms for composting. For gardeners looking for natural and organic alternatives to synthetic compost, this is one of the best choices. It is cost-effective and we can make it at home from scratch. It is rich in all types of nutrition that plants need and make sure that your garden thrives beautifully. Using vermicompost keeps the soil in its most fertile state, which is another advantage of choosing it. If you know how to use this material right, you will not need synthetic fertilizers that damage the soil, in the long run, anymore.

Vermicompost Tips - 3 Best And Effective Uses
Vermicompost 101: 3 Best And Effective Uses

How To Make Vermicompost?

It is at the most basic level, worm casting or manure is considered one of the best ways of getting fertile soil. The digestive chemical in the worm’s gut and the resultant casting promote the growth of fungus and bacteria, which are necessary for plants. However, this manure has different reactions for different plants- all of which are yet to be studied. The best way to make vermicompost at home is to take a box full of organic garbage and a handful of worms into it. Over time, organic waste will decompose. Further, it will be mixed with worm casting. Together, it can be very beneficial to plants. The resultant material is very rich in nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorous.

Vermicompost And Potted Plants

This manure is particularly very suitable for potted plants. Mix a liberal amount of the compost with the soil while planting or repotting a plant. However, make sure it is not more than 30 percent of the entire soil volume. You can also layer some amount of the compost over the top layer of the soil.

Vermicompost Tips – How Can You Use It In Gardens?

When you are planting a new plant or tree, you have dig at least 30 percent of the soil before placing the plant into it. It will help to make your plants multiply quickly and the roots to strengthen as well.

Vermicompost Tips - 3 Best And Effective Uses
Vermicompost 101: 3 Best And Effective Uses

Choose The Right Type Of Worms

Mainly, two types of earthworms make the best vermicompost- namely, Eisenia foetida and Lumbricus rubellis. They are also useful as fish baits. Both the species are known by common names like a red worm, tiger worm, red wigglers, manure worms, etc. However, it is difficult to distinguish among them because they are usually cultured together.

It is a very hassle-free method of making compost, which is why it has gained an immense amount of popularity. If you have potted plants or a big garden to grow, vermicompost deserves your attention. This organic plant food can give the best optimum results. You can enjoy fresh organic vegetables and flowers, devoid of any chemicals and pesticides.

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