Wasting Food In America – What It Means To Do This

wasting food in america

According to a report on the internet, the United States has a daily food wastage of around forty percent of what it prepares. There have been a lot of shreds of evidence for massive food wastes in America and there has been a lot of causes behind it. The major team responsible for this huge wastage of food in America is the restaurants, retailers, and commercial food suppliers. America has now become the leading country for having the highest amount of wasted food that goes up to millions of tons per day. Wasting Food In America has become a huge issue nowadays. Hence, below are some of the tips that would help to prevent food wastage caused due to several reasons. 

Making A Detailed Shopping List

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Since, the food wastage by a single person in America is quite high, hence the citizens can follow basic household rules that would reduce the food wastage. Household shopping lists and food orders must not be made on an impulse but must be pre-planned according to the needs. From the data over the internet, one might have read that a household in America is reported to waste fifteen hundred dollars on food. Hence, the prevention of Wasting Food In America can be controlled by the households first. 

What To Do With The Wasted Food? 

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The food items that are not healthy to eat any more that have been wasted due to any reason might be utilized in such a way that the wasted food doesn’t become a waste anymore. The wasted food can be made into compost which would be a great help for plant nutrition. The wasted food can also be fed to the stray animals if the food is still edible. These are also a few ways that contribute to the prevention of Wasting Food In America. Even the wasted food can be fed to the poor to help fill their hungry stomachs. 

Storing Leftovers

Being in a highly modernized and organized world doesn’t mean that the previously cooked food can’t be eaten after a day or few hours. The leftovers can be packed and stored and eaten during other meals. This would be highly helpful in reducing food wastage. The leftovers are seen to be the main cause for Wasting Food In America. 

Main Causes For Food Waste

Wasting Food In America is on such a high level because the food is cheaply available as compared to other countries. The country’s outstanding economy and richness might be a reason for the cheap availability of the food there. Hence, this cheap availability of the food makes people ungrateful towards the daily food that one gets to eat. The massive reason for the food wastage is the overproduction and overbuying of food items. Americans tend to not think about the notable food requirements and do spend a lot on buying an unnecessary quantity of food. According to a report over the web, the overproduction of food is so high that one-third of the cooked food remains untouched. Lack of appropriate planning remains the main cause for Wasting Food In America. 


Food wastage can be a serious problem no matter how rich the country becomes. Avoidance of wastage of food remains crucial for every person on the earth. America needs to highly lookup for the reduction in food wastage. Food wastage is a massive issue because a huge number of people in the world are starving without having to have a proper meal. As an individual human being, one must be aware of one’s needs and take steps to subsequently reduce food wastage individually. Being individually aware of the consequences of food wastage would seem to be a small step but it can contribute hugely if every individual becomes responsible. This strategy would save up to billion tons of food that are wasted every day. 

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