What Are The Best Ways To Recycle Plastic Bottles-Let Us Find Out

recycle plastic bottles

The world is going towards an impending doom which every human should understand and take proper steps as soon as they can. Otherwise, we might suddenly come towards the end without realizing what steps one needs to take for surviving the calamity. The first and foremost step that one must take is to eradicate the usage of plastic from daily life. Well, we might replace the water bottles with biodegradable versions. However, have you ever thought about soda bottles? Well, unless the production unit is taking a step, the change is not happening any soon. So, what is the solution to this unavoidable crisis? For starters, we can consider taking up reasonable steps to recycle plastic bottles. But how? Well, the solution lies underneath. Get a quick look at the ideas to start with the initiative. 

Tip Number 1: Turn Them Into Food Storage

Not only it is a pocket-friendly proposal but a green method as well. When you are turning the non-biodegradable bottles into your food storage, it is saving you some bucks and is helping you with their durable quality of preserving the foods. Well, you can store salt, sugar, pulses, rice, cereals, and more until the containers wear off completely. Before using the bottle, ensure that you have them cleaned with regular water and get them dry. 

Tip Number 2: You Can Turn The Water Bottles To Hanging Garden

A plastic water bottle on a table

This is a beautiful idea of decoration as well. Place them sideways, cut a substantial section on one of the sides, add regulated ingredients, and put the sapling. Then hand the planter to an assigned pin or a strong hanger. Repeat the idea with the left-out number of unused soda bottles and you are very good to go. You can prepare this idea for decorating the lawn you have or simply decorating the terrace. 

Tip Number 3: How About Jewelry Stand?

With this tip, you will be mesmerized that you are going to get a beautiful jewelry stand, simply by assembling the cut bottom parts of the soda bottles. You just have to cut the immediate bottom portion of the soda bottles, then arrange them from top to bottom, sticking them strong in a metal stick. To enhance the look you can also add detailing to the metal stick but ranging nut bolts. If you become an expert in assembling the idea, you can even go for a small business idea and sell the stuff. 

What More Can You Prepare With Plastic Bottles As A Recycling Act?

Well, there are options such as –

  • Prepare a room decor such as a wind spiral mobile.
  • How about a pencil case with an assorted zipper closure for a strong and durable storage option.
  • You can also go making some hanging planters for the lawn.
  • Preparing some watering container will be another great idea too
  • You can also assemble the pieces and make a piggy bank out of it, which is not only cool but also a great initiative for parents. 
  • Another great idea is that you cut the top part and use them as a bag seal.
  • Another good use of the rejected plastic bottle is to use them as an egg yolk sucker.
  • Lastly, use the rejected soda bottles as a bird feeder.


Well, these are the best possible ways to recycle plastic bottles. Take a small step today itself and bring a significant change. Wish you have a wonderful day ahead.

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