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Worm Farm – How Do You Build It?

Worm Farm - How To Build It? Steps For Creation

Gardening and agriculture or horticulture call for a sound knowledge of soil types, plants, and the different inorganic and organic fertilizers you can use. Moreover, these are necessary to make sure your garden thrives, and every plant you sow blooms into the healthiest trees. In recent times, a significant shift towards organic farming and fertilizers has among people happened as they become more aware of the environment. Moreover, one such natural compost choice is vermicompost, which involves earthworm casting and decomposing organic waste with their help. However, your garden does not have ample worms to make the manure, and you will need to bring them externally. This is where the worm farm comes into the picture. The easiest way to be a self-sufficient gardener is to make your worm farm.

Worm Farm - How To Build It? Steps For Creation
Worm Farm – How Do You Build It?

Steps To Create Your Worm Farm

Making a worm farm is very easy and straightforward. The following are the elemental steps to make your plan successful:

Worm Farm – Gather The Required Supplies

You will need nominal amounts to start a worm farm from scratch. You will need a few worms of the species you need, two-three plastic bins that are at least 12” deep and of opaque material, drill, a flowerpot, old newspaper, and food waste. Once you have gathered the supplies, the rest is easy to execute.

Drill Holes At The Bottom Of The Baskets

First, mark the places to drill the holes in horizontal lines at the bottom of one of the baskets. Then you have to drill these holes accordingly. This gives space for more air exchange.

Worm Farm – Stacking The Bins

Put the upturned flowerpot at the base of the undrilled basket. Over this, accumulate the drilled basket. Moreover, this helps to create the space for any excess liquid to drain out into the bottom basket.

Prepare The Bed

Shredded newspaper and corrugated cardboard work best as the base material for worm farming. You can also add some dried leaves as well. However, avoid choosing newspapers with glossy print and leaves with a strong scent. Once the basket has all the base material, moisten it till the consistency is like a wet sponge and evenly so.

Put In Worm Food

The best worm food is table scraps. However, make sure that you do not include any oily food waste or animal products like bones, meat, and fat. Also, avoid butter and yogurt. Acidic substances like citrus fruits in moderation are acceptable too.

Worm Farm - How To Build It? Steps For Creation
Worm Farm – How Do You Build It?

Add The Worms

Lastly, once you have prepared the bed with the food, but the worms in the basket as well. Moreover, lay a wet newspaper over the bedding and the worms to prevent flies and worm escape. It will take a few weeks for the worms to thrive and start working.

Eventually, you will have a whole colony of worms and can harvest them according to your needs. But it is a long term process and takes a few weeks, which is a factor that you must take note of.

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